What camera do you use?
- I have a Olympus E-520 with a 35mm f3.5 Macro lens and a FL-36R flash.
Do you take all pictures by yourself?
- All images you see in the category "Photography" I have taken myself, and most of under "Life" and a part under "Fashion" But those under "Inspiration" are from different clothing brands, lookbooks or similar.
Favorite bands and songs?
- Sabaton - Konungens Likfärd
La Dispute - Last Lost Continent
Yersinia - Artonde Kapitlet: Fortsätt Bränna Ner 

The shoes for 2000, you've really got to them?
- Of course! But they are from the U.S. so it takes a couple of weeks for them to arrive. But I promise to show them when they come.

Your favorite shops?
- Nastygal, Spell and the Gypsy Collective, Topshop, Romwe, Tunnel Vision, Black Milk, Second Hand, Beyond Retro, Wild Fox and so on.
Who is your best friend?
- I don't socialize with the with many people. But the ones I socialize with the most, and have the nicest time with is probably Johan, Emil, and Timothy.
Why did you start blogging?
- Because I photographed a lot and had very strong opinions. I needed a place to express myself.
Why are you blogging in English?
- Because the majority of the people who read my blog comes from other countries. I'm most active on international web sites such as tumblr, gifyo etc.
Can you write an entire post about yourself in Swedish?
- My blog is very impersonal, because I do not consider me or my life is very interesting. But I'll try to create a post about myself in Swedish and English.

What are you doing this summer?
- I'm not really sure. I will take the tractor license, going to some festivals, turning fifteen, See Raubtier, Thåström, Maskinen, Norlie & KKV and some other bands, have a fucking blast, and so on. I am also really tempted to go to Stockholm and meet some friends.

What do you like to do in your free time except to photograph?
- Something I spend a lot of time on is blogs, forums, films, books, writing, discussions, listening to music and reflecting. I dislike most people, therefore I avoid most social situations. But when I socialize, it's usually with some of my best guy friends. They use to come over here and stay a few days. And then we drink lots of Coca-Cola, cuddles, watching movies, takes impulsive night walks and laughs a lot.

Why have not you been in school this term?
- I have some 
psychic issues.
How many visitors do you have each day?
- As I update my blog very uneven, so can I have anywhere from 20 attendees to 200.
Your maximum number of unique visitors?
- I rarely check my statistics when the visitor don't not matter at all for me, so I have no idea.

What city do you like the best?
- Skellefteå and Stockholm, no doubt!


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